Wonder Flo Vacuum Cup - Discontinued
Wonder Flo Vacuum Cup

Wonder Flo Vacuum Cup - Discontinued

Regulates liquid flow with the push of a button.

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  • Allows a person to drink while in a reclined position.
  • Liquid is drawn orally from spout of cup and ceases to flow when patient stops drawing.
  • The tilt of the cup does not affect flow.
  • Helps you to control how much fluid is released per mouthful.
The Wonder Flo Vacuum Cup features a rubber button that regulates the amount of liquid that is delivered. The 8 oz tumbler has a tight fitting lid with spout and a rubber button.

This adapted drinking cup allows a person to drink while in a reclined position. Users who cannot raise their heads simply draw liquid from spout, like a straw. When the patient stops drawing, the liquid stops flowing, no matter how the cup is tilted. For those individuals who are incapable of drawing the liquid out independently, the rubber control button is used by an attendant. Upon tilting the cup to the mouth, and one full press of the button, approximately half a teaspoon of fluid is released. Each press releases 15 drops to 2 cc's of liquid, depending on pressure. The cup is designed to slowly drip one drop at a time. If the cup is dropped or turned on its side, it will drip a bit, but will not spill. The Wonder Flo cup is NOT suitable for thickened fluids.

Wonder Flo Vacuum Cup Specifications:

  • Materials: Polypropylene cup and lid; rubber button contains latex
  • Capacity: 8 oz
  • Made in: USA
  • Care: Household dishwasher and microwave safe
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