Wheelchair lap trays are one of the most functional accessories you can add to your wheelchair. Trays can make eating, writing and reading much easier for wheelchair users. Half lap wheelchair trays are designed to offer a convenient work or play area without penning the wheelchair user in. These wheelchair trays all slide on and off the arm of the wheelchair, and many flip-up for even easier access.

We offer several styles of wheelchair lap trays:
  • Padded trays help protect arms against developing pressure ulcerations or bruises.
  • Clear polycarbonate provides the user with a clear view of their lower extremities.
  • Wheelchair trays with rims to keep pens, paper, eating utensils, and other items from rolling off the tray.
  • The flip-away half tray, which lifts up and out of the way during transfers.
  • The flip-down half tray with double hinge that allows the tray to flip completely over, down and out of the way for convenient storage and easier transfers.

Wheelchair Armrest Lap Trays

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Clear wheelchair tray with double hinge bracket, convenient and easy to adjust with a simple flip.
Provides a clear line of sight to lap and legs.
Clear plastic is more discreet than traditional wheelchair trays.
Enter and exit the wheelchair without removing the armrest.
Double hinge design allows the tray to flip completely over, down over the wheel and out of the way.
Fits wheelchairs up to 28 inches wide with standard full length armrests
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