EZ Access Signature Series Suitcase Ramps are single-fold ramps for scooters and wheelchairs. These portable ramps are designed to bridge the gap over steps, curbs, and raised landings. These single fold ramps feature a continuous, no pinch, low profile hinge that runs the full length of the ramp to add strength and stability. The carry handles are ergonomically designed flexible, non-breakable for convenient carrying and a comfortable grip. The extruded (built-in) tread allows mobility devices to retain traction in all weather conditions.

To use EZ Access Signature Series Suitcase Ramps, simply unfold the hinged ramp and position in place for maximum safety and support. These ramps fold in half to be carried like a suitcase. Portable aluminum ramps feature a durable, non-skid driving surface. Designed for high traffic use, these durable ramps are available in 2 to 8 foot lengths and feature an extruded slip-resistant tread for superior traction. EZ Access Signature Series Suitcase Ramps are made in USA.

EZ Access Signature Series Suitcase Ramps

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Fits EZ Access Signature Suitcase Ramps, Advantage Series, and Trifold Advantage Series portable ramps.
Helps make the maneuverability of wheelchairs or scooters much easier.
$134.95 $99.99
3 foot long folding wheelchair and scooter ramp designed specifically for ease of use and the convenience of portability.
$169.95 $128.99
Light weight, portable ramp provides safe access.
$234.95 $171.99
Light weight portable ramp with non-skid tread, carrying handles, and full length hinge.
$276.95 $214.99
6 foot long single fold, portable ramp provides easy accessibility for wheelchairs scooters
$314.95 $242.99
7 foot long folding ramp with handles can be carried like a suitcase.
$384.95 $299.99
8 foot welded construction mobility ramp provides safety and strength required while remaining lightweight and portable for easy access.
$434.95 $389.99
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