Customize your wheelchair with these helpful wheelchair accessories. Gel cushions provide seating comfort. Wheelchair back packs, seat back bags, and under seat bags allow you to take your stuff with you. Fall prevention items increase wheelchair safety. Rim covers, wheel slippers, and covers help protect your wheels.

Wheelchair Accessories

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Designed to make contact with the floor when the wheelchair is tilted backward, preventing chair from tilting and tipping over backward.
All weather cover for manual wheelchairs.
$74.95 $66.95
Increases visibility for wheelchair, scooter, and power chair users.
$24.95 $19.95
Helps prevent wheelchairs from tipping forward, for wheelchair safety and fall prevention.
Raise the height of wheelchair push handles.
$57.95 $46.95
For D, E, and M6 oxygen tanks.
Provides stimulating activities and textures for people with cognitive impairment.
$42.95 $36.95
Canvas or vinyl pouch discreetly conceals a catheter bag from view.
Canvas pouch discreetly covers a male urinal bottle.
$19.95 $15.95
Keeps a good grip on the pole while it makes the fishing reel available for one-handed operation.
Prevents a wheelchair from rolling backward when user attempts to stand without locking the brakes.
Helps protect shirt sleeves, jackets, and skin against moisture and dirt.
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