Wear Ease Shoe Fastener Kit - Discontinued

Wear Ease Shoe Fastener Kit - Discontinued

Helps fasten and unfasten shoes easily.

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  • Provides easy fastening, and unfastening of shoes.
  • Converts lace-up shoes into hook-and-loop closure shoes.
The Wear Ease Shoe Fastener Kit includes 8 shoe fasteners in each color (2 of each color). These adapted shoe fasteners convert regular lace-up shoes into shoes with simple to use hook-and-loop closures. The straps allow for easier fastening and unfastening of shoes. Each shoe fastener has a D-ring to help facilitate closing and opening of the strap. Each Wear Ease Shoe Fastener fits 2 to 3 shoe eyelets.

Wear Ease Shoe Fastener Kit Specifications:

  • Includes: 2 pairs of each color (black, brown, white, tan).
  • Fits: Each Wear Ease fits 2-3 eyelets.
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