Ventopedic Positioning Products are made of special fabric that contains a balanced amount of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers that attract and expel skin moisture four times faster that regular fabrics. This special latex free fabric keeps skin drier, eliminates odors and lessens the chance of skin breakdown. The fabric actually draws moisture away from the skin and allows it to escape. Clinical test results confirm that the Ventopedic fabric will remain dry even under extreme humidity conditions.

Studies show that numerous factors can lead to skin breakdown such as pressure, friction, shearing, nutrition, and excess moisture. Studies also show that over hydrated or under hydrated skin is more susceptible to pressure, shearing and friction. Therefore, utilizing effective moisture control interventions is very important in preventing skin breakdown. Maintaining balanced skin moisture promotes healing, reduces the risk of infection and prevents the enlargement of existing wounds.

Ventopedic products provide a solution for maintaining and promoting skin integrity. The entire Ventopedic product line is built around an effective moisture transport technology system. Ventopedic products are designed to effectively draw moisture away from the skin while the 3 dimensional interior controls and /or eliminates any moisture absorption. The continuous airflow ventilation inside each product allows it to keep dry even in the highest levels of humidity.

Ventopedic Positioning Products
Ventopedic products do not absorb moisture and this key fact is what makes them stand out. The fabric functionality behind each Ventopedic product is like no other on the market today. Many product manufactures claim to have products that draw moisture or perspiration away from the skin, but where will the moisture or perspiration end up… most likely inside the products, and that is where Ventopedic is different.

Consider Ventopedic products when dealing with skin integrity issues if you need positioning products that:
  • draw moisture away from the skin
  • will not absorb moisture
  • remain dry and comfortable
  • allow for faster drying times
  • provide a soft cushioning support against the skin
  • do not loose effectiveness
  • do not require assembly
  • do not contain Latex
  • are safe for machine washing and drying

Ventopedic Pressure Relief Products Information

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