Twiddles® Activity Muffs are hand-warmers with multiple sensory stimulating attachments. These sensory products are designed for people with restless hands, impaired memory or anyone who finds comfort in tactile stimulation, including people with autism or the elderly. Within each muff is a soft ball for squeezing, and on the outside are attachments including wooden beads, ribbons, bag of marbles, a patch of velcro, and a pocket for a photo or something personal. The large range of different tactile materials in Twiddles® provide endless entertainment for fidgeting fingers, while also helping to stimulate memories. All of the attachments are removable, allowing Twiddles® to be cleaned by hand or by washing machine.

Twiddles® Activity Muffs are available in 4 different styles: Twiddle®Cat, Twiddle®Classic, Twiddle®Pup, and Twiddle®Sport.

Twiddles Activity Muffs

Twiddles Activity Muffs hand-warmers with multiple sensory stimulating attachments created by occupational, physical therapists. Provide endless entertainment activity for people with impaired memory, autism, elderly, anyone who finds comfort in tactile stimulation.
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The perfect Twiddle® for cat lovers!
Luxurious lavender blue hand muff embellished with textured fringe.
Floppy-eared, friendly-faced, soft puppy muff.
Streamlined plaid hand muff with multiple attachments.
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