Transfer Aids are designed to assist in the movement of individuals with mobility disabilities from one location to another. Used properly, they can also help reduce back strain of the person providing assistance.

Transfer Boards Slides Discs and Lifts

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Provides a smooth rigid transfer surface between level surfaces.
Transfer disk works like a "lazy susan".
$94.95 $89.95
Dramatically reduces effort required to transfer.
Easy to use sit to stand transfer platform facilitates moving users between seating positions.
$449.95 $405.00
Solid hardwood sliding transfer board with composite surface dramatically reduces effort required to transfer.
Non-slip, not sticky pad prevents feet from sliding during transfers.
Cushion inflates to lift user from the floor
Inflatable cushion with backrest for additional support
Inflatable cushion designed to support and lift someone that is seated, helping them to stand up from their chair.
Safe and easy to use manual lift designed to enable the user to feel safe throughout the entire transfer.
Additional component available for use with the Etac Molift Raiser, designed to raise a person who requires extra assistance during the sit to stand transfer.
Solid hardwood sliding transfer board with composite surface and 3 hand hole openings make sliding transfers easier.
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