These thumb, wrist, and hand supports and wraps help reduce pain and discomfort.

Thumb Wrist and Hand Supports

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Soft foam finger wraps provide an effective and comfortable way to buddy wrap fingers for protection to treat swollen, jammed or sprained fingers.
Padded resting splint for wearing at night provides comfortable hand and wrist positioning to reduce morning stiffness.
Nighttime resting splint helps decrease inflammation in the hand, eases morning hand stiffness.
Flexible thumb wrap for CMC thumb joint support.
Designed by a hand specialist, this hinged splint provides added control to reduce ulnar deviation at the fingers of the left hand.
Provides added control to reduce ulnar deviation at the fingers of the right hand.
Provides wrist control without impeding hand function.
Grip and wrist support helps relieve pressure and pain when gripping objects.
Heavy duty work and garden glove and unique strap helps a weak left hand to grip.
Work and garden glove with unique strap that aids in gripping.
$35.95 $30.95
Open fingertip weight lifting glove with strap for people who have difficulty gripping.
Adapted open fingertip right hand sports glove with strapping system.
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