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"We tried the "No Rinse" shampoo and we all loved it. My daughter is severely handicapped and is completely dependent on our help for all her needs, which we are most happy to give. She is thirteen years old and we are blessed to be her parents. She does not like to be touched especially her head and never has. So you can just imagine how much fun bath time is. I was recently in the hospital and it was given to me as well as the bath wipes. I used the bath wipes while in the hospital and loved them. The shampoo I did not have a chance to use until now. I really did not think that it would work. I sure am happy that it does. Now we are stress free at bath time!" KM/CA

“I truly cannot ever remember using your No- Rinse Shampoo without whispering a silent ‘thank you’ for saving me so much time. A busy nurse does not have time for poor quality. I appreciate your high standards.” LS, RN, MSN (Wisconsin)

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“I recently spent some time in the hospital where No-Rinse Body Bath was given to me. I liked it so well I am asking where I can purchase more. It does what it says cleans, refreshes and leaves no residue.” PAG (Pennsylvania)

“Thanks again for such a great product that made our life a little easier during this ordeal. I am going to recommend your product to my son’s doctor so other parents in our situation can take advantage of its convenience.”NC (Texas)

"Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my e-mail. Your information has been very helpful. Thank you for the wipes, they will be greatly appreciated. I think this has to be one of the best products ever invented and I will spread the word about your products." LH (IN)

No Rinse-Body Bath: "My Dad's bedridden and has sensitive skin, but he still wants his bath first thing every morning. It's one of the things he enjoys and I know he feels better when he's clean and well-groomed. It's a great product. Thank you."LR

"Just wanted to let you know, I use your shampoo all the time. My husband and I drive a truck and it's not always convenient to stop and shower. Thank you for making my life a little easier."BR

"My Child hates water on his head and the No-Rinse shampoo works great. Thank you."DJ

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