Swede-O, Inc.

Swede-O, Inc. has been recognized as a worldwide leader in providing innovative products designed to prevent or rehabilitate ankle related injuries. Swede-O manufactures ankle braces that prevent ankle injuries and that they are equal to or better than professionally applied tape for ankle support. Swede-O also manufactures thermal supports that are engineered Micro Ventilated Thermal Technology (MVT2). MVT2 provides compression and warmth with a breathable membrane for effective pain relief and treatment of Sports Injuries, RSI, Arthritis and other conditions.

The Wrights Stuff is proud to supply advanced ankle braces and thermal supports by Swede-O, Inc.
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Provides heat therapy and rigid support for UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) injuries associated with repetitive stress activities
Helps prevent wrist movements that cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Soft wrap around wrist support.
Easy to put on wrist support provides adjustable, mild compression and gentle thermal therapy.
$26.95 $18.95
Designed to fit both left and right shoulders.
$74.95 $59.95
Easy to put on and take off specifically for arthritis sufferers.
Provide warmth and gentle compression to relieve arthritic hand pain.
$34.95 $29.95
Thermal support for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the elbow.
Provides protection and thermal properties which may assist in the treatment of arthritic pain.
Provide heat therapy and pain relief to the entire hand and fingers.