Innovative Healthcare Products, inc.

Innovative Health Care Products, Inc. specializes in offering Sunzyme water based odor neutralizer. Sunzyme is a complete system that removes unpleasant odors continuously. It is unscented and safe to use around children, adults, pets or for any common malodor. These are used in animal odor areas such as floor surfaces, kennels, litter boxes, wall surfaces and urine odors. When Sunzyme comes into contact with malodors, static or airborne, they combine in the atmosphere to form a neutral substance. Sunzyme stain and odor control is a formulation of specific enzymes used to remove urine and other organic matter from surfaces such as carpet, wood, concrete and other surfaces or material.

The Wright Stuff is proud to offer Sunzyme products from Innovative Health Care Products.
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Cost effective highly concentrated formula
Nontoxic formula safely eliminates organic stains and odors.
Safe, organic, nontoxic formula eliminates stains and odors
Organic, nontoxic formula safely eliminates urine stains and odors.
Case of 12 spray bottles, effectively eliminates odors safely
Unscented, all natural spray destroys odors safely.