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Strong Alert are the developers of consumer electronics that primarily focuses on developing specialized hearing solutions. Strong Alert develops effective solutions for the deaf, hard of hearing and hard to wake communities. Their products include alarm clocks, listening devices, home-aware signals, amplified phones, and sonic system signalers.

The Wright stuff is proud to supply a line of specialized hearing solutions by Strong Alert.
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Alerts hearing impaired users to incoming video relay calls by flashing a lamp
Provides audio and visual alerts for phone or doorbell for hard of hearing users.
Provides high intensity visual alert when triggered by Sonic Alert signaler
$54.95 $45.95
Wake up with any combination of a flashing lamp, pulsating audio alarm, and shaking bed.
Blue backlight also flashes when alarm rings for low vision users.
Bedside alarm clock with telephone signaler, built-in flashing lights and bed shaker.