Daily tasks including putting on socks and stockings can become difficult. Use these sock aid and stocking aids to make the task of putting on socks and stockings easier.

Sock and Stocking Aids

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Helps people with limited hand function or back, knee or hip impairments. Use the Sock Aid to put on your socks without bending over!
$13.95 $7.95
Helpful for putting on socks without bending over.
Acts as a heel guide, keeping the foot in position to help put on socks.
Helps you put on your socks quickly and easily.
Long flexible handles help guide the sock holder.
One handed sock aid helps users put on socks without bending over.
Allows users to put on and take off socks without bending
$43.95 $18.99
Easy to use dressing tool helps users slip on socks easily without having to bend over.
Makes it simple and easy to remove socks, stockings and hosiery without straining a muscle.
Assists users who have difficulty bending to put on socks and stockings.
Extra wide, extra firm dressing aid for putting on socks without bending.
Lightweight, long handle shoe horn, dressing stick and bath sponge.
$27.95 $19.95
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