Sip-Tip Valves Package of 3 - Discontinued

Sip-Tip Valves Package of 3 - Discontinued

Three select flow valves for the Sip Tip Cup Package.

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ARK Therapeutic Services, Inc
  • Select flow valve provides moderate restriction
  • Can be customized for adjusting fluid flow.
  • Inserted into bottom of drinking straw.
  • Use with Sip Tip Cup to keep drinking straw full of liquid.
Sip-Tip Valves Package of 3 includes three select-flow valves for the Sip Tip Cup Package. Select-flow valves keep the drinking straw full of fluid, thereby reducing the air ingested and the effort required for drinking. The valve also slows the flow of fluid, which allows for more control over the quantity of fluid taken with each sip and helps to ensure that fluid is deposited in the front of the mouth. The amount of energy needed to bring liquid to the mouth is reduced when using this valve.

Valve opening in these straw valves is set for moderate flow; some users will prefer a freer flow which may be obtained by trimming the end of the valve. The Sip Tip Select Flow Valve is compatible with most brands of disposable flex straws.

Sip-Tip Valves Package of 3 Specifications

  • Includes: 3 select flow valves.
  • Measures: 1.75 inch long.
  • Made in: USA.
  • Material: Contains no lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.
  • Not recommended for: Carbonated beverages.
  • Fits: In the bottom of most standard drinking straws (we use Glad straws).
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