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Shoe Leash Shoe Aid
Shoe Leash Shoe Aid

Shoe Leash Shoe Aid

Helpful for putting on shoes without bending down

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Shoe Leash Company
  • Works with both lace up and slip on shoes
  • Eliminates the need to bend forward
  • Includes the long handle shoe horn
The Shoe Leash Shoe Aid is a dressing aid that allows users to put on shoes without bending down. This item includes a long handle shoe horn and easy to use shoe clip attachments.

The Shoe Leash Shoe Aid includes 2 easy to attach clips with large rings. First, attach the clips to the tongue of the shoe. The user then grabs the ring and lowers the shoe to the floor. The clips are attached to a retractable wire that will extend 23 inches. The Shoe Leash holds the tongue of the shoe open for the user to insert the long handle shoe horn so it is easy for the foot to slide in. The Shoe Leash retracts and stays attached to the shoe. To remove the shoe, use the hook on the end of the shoe horn to pull up Shoe Leash and step out of the shoe. The Shoe Leash works with both lace up shoes and loafers, and can be easily transferred from one pair of shoes to another. People who have difficulty bending down to put on their shoes will find the Shoe Leash Shoe Aid helpful for increasing independence.

Shoe Leash Shoe Aid on Vimeo.

Shoe Leash Shoe Aid Specifications:

  • Includes: Long handle shoe horn, 2 clips with retractable wires.
  • Shoe horn measures: 24 inches long, 2 inches wide.
  • Rings measure: 2.25 inch diameter.
  • Color: Black.
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