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Shock Aid Dressing and Bathing Aid
Shock Aid Dressing and Bathing Aid Blue combination dressing stick and long shoe horn.

Shock Aid Dressing and Bathing Aid

Lightweight, long handle shoe horn, dressing stick and bath sponge.

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Shock Aid Adaptive Equipment
  • Combines multiple functions into one tool
  • Designed by an occupational therapist
  • Light weight and very durable

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The Shock Aid Dressing and Bathing Aid is a combination sock aid, long handled shoe horn, bathing sponge and dressing stick. This adapted dressing tool is helpful for people who find it difficult to remove their shoes and socks or reach their feet for washing because of limited bending at the waist.

The Shock Aid Dressing and Bathing Aid is made of a lightweight anodized aluminum tube for strength and durability, has a non-slip handle that is comfortable to grip, and a contoured shoe horn made of strong stainless steel. The innovative design combines a sock removal hook and a long shoe horn to assist individuals with dressing and undressing their lower body. The 7/8 inch diameter aluminum tube measures 30 inches long, and weighs just over 8 ounces, allowing it to be easily stored and ideal for travel. The nearly unbreakable aluminum tube and sturdy design allows users to safely remove shoes, socks, and compression socks without fear of breaking. The sock hook has a rubber coating to help prevent skin tears when putting on or taking off garments. Each Shock Aid includes the Shower Sponge that slides onto the shoe horn for use as a shower aid for lower body bathing.

Invented and patented by an Occupational Therapist, the Shock Aid Self Care tool was created to combine multiple functions into one tool, helping to simplify tasks and make getting dressed and undressed much easier and less frustrating. People with disabilities will find the Shock Aid Dressing and Bathing Aid to be a versatile dressing and bathing tool helpful for increasing independence.

Shock Aid Dressing and Bathing Aid Specifications:

  • Materials: Lightweight anodized aluminum tube, stainless steel shoe horn.
  • Measures: 7/8 inch diameter, 30 inches long.
  • Weight: Less than 9 ounces.
  • Made in: USA.
  • Choose color: Black, Blue, or Red.
  • Includes: Shock Aid Shower Sponge.
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