Users with low vision often experience difficulty distinguishing light colored food and drink in light colored dinnerware. When using tableware that offers a high contrast to the food and drink, for example bright red and bright blue dinnerware, researchers have found users increase their food and liquid intake.

Choose from Red Adaptive Tableware dining sets, red adapted plates and bowls, and other bright red colored dining aids for users with low vision.

Redware Tableware

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Helpful for people with declining vision who have difficulty identifying foods on light colored plates.
Adaptive eating utensils, designed by occupational therapists, unique angle maximizes hand function.
Red color adapted dining plate with deep edge creates high contrast background for people with low vision.
Red plate with foam pad on bottom helps prevent sliding.
Bright red adapted plate with high curved edge, non slip bottom.
Four piece adaptive dinnerware set in high contrast, bright red.
5 piece set of bright red adaptive dishes.
Bright red adapted dining plate with high sides helps make scooping food easier.
High visibility red adapted dining plate with 3 sections.
High siges, overhanging lip helps users who have difficulty scooping food
Large plate with reverse curve rim and suction base helps users in scooping food onto utensils.
Fork, spoon and knife set with bright red, easy to grip handles.
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