Providence Spillproof Container, LLC

Providence Spillproof Container, LLC makes cups, dishes and aids to daily living that are designed to make life easier, whether they are used at home, school, work or in a healthcare setting. Providence Spillproof manufactures spill proof drinking cups designed to end messy spills and give new confidence to people of all ages. Providence Spillproof also makes a line of dishes that easily and discretely help guide food onto utensils. All of the dishes are dishwasher-safe and have a non-skid base.

The Wright Stuff is proud to supply spill proof cups, dishes and more by Providence Spillproof Container, LLC .
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Allows users to press the rubber button to release liquid for controlled drinking
Clear, durable lid for the Independence plates and dishes
High siges, overhanging lip helps users who have difficulty scooping food
Recessed edge helps users push food onto an eating utensil
Adapted dining plate with high sides helps make scooping food easier.
High visibility red adapted dining plate with 3 sections.
Bright red adapted dining plate with high sides helps make scooping food easier.
3 section plate keeps servings separated
Package of 6 lids with vacuum buttons for controlled liquid flow
Portable, lightweight urinal bottle with an anti-reflux system that prevents spills.
U shaped cut out allows users to drink without tilting the head.
Two handle cup allows drinking without bending the neck or tilting the head.
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