Portable Access Ramps are a durable yet inexpensive alternative wheelchair access ramps when permanent ramps are not feasible or available. Portable ramps are designed to be user friendly, light enough to carry with you, and work with most scooters and wheelchairs. Most portable ramps are made using aluminum, which is lightweight for easy transporting, and prevents rusting.

The Wright Stuff provides quality portable access ramps including threshold ramps, suitcase ramps, wheelchair ramps, and track ramps. Suitcase ramps fold in the center to make storing and carrying easier. Threshold ramps bridge doorway gaps, sliding glass doors tracks, and raised landings. Portable ramps provide access for pedestrians as well as scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, and cane users.

To determine the portable ramp that you need, first refer to your wheelchair or scooter owners’ guide for the proper degree of incline your equipment is designed to climb. Measure the distance from the top step or landing to the ground to determine the rise, and then use the Incline Chart to find the proper ramp length. At any incline, use portable ramps only with a qualified helper.

Portable Access Ramps

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Fits EZ Access Signature Suitcase Ramps, Advantage Series, and Trifold Advantage Series portable ramps.
Set of modular ramps and risers, ADA approved, slip resistant wedge entry ramps and pair of risers.
Provides smooth transition for a recessed cargo area in vehicles.
Swivel feet allow for individual adjustments.
Adjustable swivel feet allow for uneven surface levels.
Adjustable legs with swivel feet ideal for uneven surfaces.
Durable, solid rubber ramps for residential use, easy to install, available in 3 sizes
Durable, slip resistant rubber, ADA approved portable threshold ramps for residential and commercial use.
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