Non-Slip Oval Scooper Red Dish
CMI110R Non-Slip Oval Scooper Red Dish

Non-Slip Oval Scooper Red Dish

Bright red adapted plate with high curved edge, non slip bottom.

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  • Provides high contrast for foods that are light colored
  • Contoured lip is helpful for pushing foods onto a utensil
  • Non-skid foam base prevents dish from sliding
The Non-Slip Oval Scooper Red Dish is a bright red plate with a raised curved edge on one side and a non-skid foam base. The curved edge helps the user push food onto a utensil and helps prevent spills.

The Non-Slip Oval Scooper Red Dish adapted dining plate has a bright red color that provides a high contrast background, the color makes it easier for people with declining vision to see light colored foods on the plate. People with limited muscle control or the use of only one hand will find the contoured lip and non-skid base are helpful for eating with less assistance. The combination plate and bowl measures 6 inches wide, 7-1/2 inches long. The bottom is covered with non-slip foam base to provide added stability. Made of durable Polypropylene, this adapted scoop dish is not recommended for microwave or dishwasher. Users who have difficulty scooping food will find the Non-Slip Oval Scooper Red Dish helpful for increasing dining independence.

Non-Slip Oval Scooper Red Dish Specifications:

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