Narita Trading Company

Narita Trading Company brings customers the highest quality Shopping Carts. These carts use the highest quality materials combined with over 30 years of manufacturing experience. These products are recognized for being the most durable, dependable shopping carts. These carts feature bold epoxy finishes or sparkling chrome finishes that last. By ensuring quality of every component, from the handlebar to the wheels, Narita Trading Company carts suffer less wear and tear and have a longer life.

The Wright Stuff is proud to supply sturdy and long lasting personal shopping carts by Narita Trading Company
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Basket measures 14.25 inches long, 17.25 inch wide, 23.5 inches high.
Square bottom increases capacity.
Basket measures 10.5 inches long, 12.5 inches wide, 20.25 inches high
Basket measures 11.75 inches long, 15 inches wide, 18.75 inches high.
Durable nylon liner for larger shopping carts.
Basket measures: 14.5 inches long, 17 inches wide, 24 inches inches high.