Granny Jo Napkin Clips provide a better way to hold a napkin during meals. These napkin clips work with both cloth and paper napkins. Instead of tucking your napkin into your shirt, just hang it from this handy clip.

Turn napkins or towels into clothing protectors with Granny Jo Napkin Clips. These bib clips are ideal for people who do not want to use a traditional bib to protect their clothing. Carry them in your pocket or purse to use when dining out.

Granny Jo Napkin Clips are made with two easy to use over-sized clips connected together by a chain or cord. These clips make custom bibs out of your napkins, and make it easy to keep clothing protected during meals. Choose from 4 styles: Metal Chain, Pearl, Jeweled, and Adjustable Nylon Cord.

Granny Jo Napkin Clips

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Adjustable cord with clips allows users to easily make a bib to avoid embarrassing food stains.
Pretty jeweled beads add a touch of style to this "make your own bib" bib clip.
Pretty pearl cord with clips to easily turn a napkin into a bib for clothing protection.
Large clips with silver-tone metal chain turns a napkin into a clothing protector.
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