Introducing MySelf Belts! Adapted belts that promote independence through a patented one-handed closure. It's award-winning design is as easy as Snap-Slide-Secure! One end of the belt snaps around the front left belt loop, thereby attaching the belt to the pants. Next, the belt slides through the rest of the belt loops. Finally, the wearer secures the belt's Velcro ends together.

Myself Belts can be opened and closed easily throughout the day and the belt always goes back to the correct tightness. Ideal for people with the use of only one hand. Offered in genuine brown leather.

Choose from MySelf Belts for adults, teens and youth.

MySelf Belts

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Adapted one-hand closure belt for youth sizes XL and 7/8.
Adapted buckle secures easily.
$24.95 $19.95
Easy to use one handed closure brown leather belt for adults.
High quality, all leather one handed closure belt for adults
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