Long Handle Shoe Horns are easy to use dressing aids desigend to help make putting on shoes easier. To reduce bending and straining, these long handled model provide helpful solutions. Choose from variety of adaptive long shoe horns including plastic, metal or stainless steel, curved or straight. T-handle grips, guilt up grips or foam handle grips are also available for users who find shoe horns uncomfortable to grip. These adaptive shoehorns make dressing easier for users when putting on shoes and boots, whether they lace, buckle, or slip-on.

Long Handle Shoe Horns

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Slide your shoes on with ease using this long plastic curved shoe horn.
Unique "T" shaped handle allows the wrist to remain in a neutral position.
Ideal for packing in a suitcase, or storing in a drawer.
Easy to use dressing aid for putting on shoes without bending.
Lightweight, long handle shoe horn, dressing stick and bath sponge.
$27.95 $19.95
Long shoe horn helpful for anyone who has trouble putting on their shoes.
Helpful for putting on shoes without bending down
Two tools in one - long handle shoe horn and sock removing aid.
Easy to adjust from 19 to 28 inches long by twisting the handle.
24 inch long handle combination shoe horn and dressing stick tool
30 inch long handle combination shoe horn and dressing stick tool
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