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Verilux reading lamps use full spectrum light to enhance the clarity and contrast of reading materials. Our reading lamps are the result of more than 50 years of research and development focused on finding the optimal light for reading. Verilux Reading Lamps will improve your vision while reducing eyestrain and fatigue.

Light Therapy, also known as Phototherapy, is a growing field of research and product development which uses light to treat the symptoms of many diverse, but common, medical problems. Light therapy uses different colors of light to treat different ailments. For example, full spectrum light, or "white" sunlight is used to treat the depression and sleep disorders that result from Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka winter blues or SAD). Full Spectrum sunrise simulation is being used to treat sleep disorders - and to provide people a sound night's sleep - by regulating the bodies circadian rhythms. Narrow spectrum, blue light therapy, is being used to treat insomnia. Light therapy for skincare makes use of the soothing qualities of both blue and red light. Indeed, these are very exciting times for those interested in light therapy - the realization that people can treat their problems in an effective manner, free of drugs and with no side effects.

Light Therapy

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