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Laser Walking Cane
Laser Walking Cane

Laser Walking Cane

Provides a visual cue help break freezing episodes during walking

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In-Step Mobility Products, inc
  • Provides a visual cue to break freezing episodes
  • Height adjustable walking cane
  • Light weight walking cane with laser
The Laser Walking Cane is an adapted walking cane that provides a bright visual cue to help stop freezing episodes during walking. The laser provides a visual cue that prompts users to increase their stride length, helping to make walking smooth again for people with Parkinson's Disease or other neurological conditions.

The Laser Walking Cane projects a bright red line across the users path. The bright red laser provides a safe, obstacle-free cue to increase step length for people with neurological walking difficulties. The cane is equipped with an on/off switch in the handle. All wires and laser components are hidden inside the cane. The laser is powered by two AA batteries, which are easy to replace and typically last at least six months. The laser beam is a safe, obstacle-free visual cue, which can enable Parkinson’s patients and others to break “freezing” episodes and increase stride length. The Laser Walking Cane is useful for patients with Parkinson's disease, ALS, abnormal gait patterns, Stroke and other neurological conditions.

Laser Walking Cane Instructions

Laser Walking Cane Specifications:

  • Cane height adjusts: 5 feet 0 inches to 6 feet 1 inch.
  • Weighs: 3 lbs.
  • Power: Two AA batteries.
  • Made in: USA.
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