Simple tasks such as turning a door knob, twisting the faucet or gripping a lamp switch can become difficult. Use these useful aids to help make daily tasks easier.

Door Knob and Lamp Switch Turners

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  • Big Lamp Switches Big Lamp Switches
    This knob has three large spokes to create more leverage for turning lamp switches.
  • Knob Turners Knob Turners
    Universal gripping aids for turning appliance control switches.
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Includes a variety of items helpful for everyday tasks.
Converts a doorknob into a door lever.
$20.95 $19.95
Slips over an existing door knob to provide slip-free surface.
Long reach assistive device for wheelchair users to open locked doors.
Designed to provide extra leverage and grip for individuals with hand conditions that cause grip weakness.
$12.95 $9.99
Fits over existing switch to provide stress free grasp.
Puts wall switches within easy reach.
Universal door knob lever adaptor
Multi-purpose power grip for turning and gripping a variety of items.
Makes wall light switches easily accessible
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