Juvo Stand Up 7/8 inch Cane Tip - Discontinued
Juvo Stand Up 7/8 inch Cane Tip

Juvo Stand Up 7/8 inch Cane Tip - Discontinued

Tip, base, and stand for adjustable canes.

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Juvo Products, LLC
  • Stands an adjustable cane upright.
  • Provides stability when walking with an adjustable cane.
  • Over-sized cane tip, cane base and cane stand.

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Put the Juvo Stand Up 7/8 inch Cane Tip on an adjustable cane and it will stand upright on flat, level surfaces. No more propping your cane against a wall, hanging it on a chair or table. This large base cane tip also provides additional stability when walking with a cane on uneven surfaces.

The Juvo Stand Up Cane Tip has a special tread design and is made of durable rubber material to provide additional gripping stability for a walking cane. This oversized cane tip is available in 2 colors: conservative grey, or bright optical green to increase visibility and depth perception. The cane tip fits 7/8 inch adjustable walking canes. Measure the adjustable cane diameter above the tip to determine the correct size cane tip. After removing the old tip from your adjustable cane, insert the cane into the Stand Up Cane Tip for a snug fit. The Juvo Stand Up 7/8 inch Cane Tip is a large cane base and holder that allows a 7/8 inch adjustable walking cane to stand upright.

Juvo Stand Up 7/8 inch Cane Tip Specifications:

  • Material: TPR rubber-like material.
  • Available Colors: Grey, Green.
  • Base diameter: 3-1/2 inches.
  • Fits: Adjustable canes with a 7/8 inch diameter.
  • Includes: One Juvo Stand Up Cane Tip.
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