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Intellinetix Vibrating Shin and Calf Sleeve
Intellinetix Vibrating Shin and Calf Sleeve

Intellinetix Vibrating Shin and Calf Sleeve

Provides targeted vibration therapy and mild compression to enhance blood circulation.

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  • Great for those with Achilles tendonitis, shin splints and other lower leg pain.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
The Intellinetix Vibrating Shin and Calf Sleeve is a comfortable, rechargeable device with an adjustable insert, providing targeted vibration therapy. Small, vibrating motors contained in this lower leg wrap help boost circulation, increasing blood flow to the surrounding tendons and ligaments, aiding recovery.

The Intellinetix Vibrating Shin and Calf Sleeve is made of a cotton material for maximum comfort. The sleeve is easy to put on, simply slip the device on and pull up over your calf and shin, making sure that the insert covers the source of pain. Use the adjustable bands to secure the wrap in place and push the button at the top of the insert. A gentle vibration provides a subtle, yet effective, method of increasing blood circulation and warming aching muscles. Vibration therapy should be applied for 25-45 minutes to provide the maximal duration of pain relief. The vibration can be turned on and off with the simple push of a button. Clinical studies suggest even five minutes of vibration therapy can be as effective as a 15 minute massage.

The Vibrating Calf and Shin Sleeve is not a TENS unit, but utilizes small vibrating motors. Unlike TENS, which is not recommended for people with pacemakers, Intellinetix products can be used by just about any adult. Many people feel limited or uncomfortable with other treatment options for Achilles tendonitis, shin splints or other calf muscle injuries. Intellinetix Vibrating Calf and Shin Sleeve provides a lightweight, comfortable and non-invasive treatment option for patients with joint pain.

Before first use, charge the Intellinetix Arthritis Vibrating Calf and Shin Wrap for four full hours. When fully charged, the wrap will operate up to 30 minutes. Slip the device on and pull up over the calf and ship, positioning the Vibration Pad over the source of pain. Replenish the battery after each use by plugging charger into the charge port on the removable Vibration Pad.

Intellinetix Vibrating Shin and Calf Sleeve Specifications:

  • Fits: Left or right leg.
  • Measures: 10.5 inches long, 6 inches wide at top, 4.5 inches wide at bottom.
  • Care: Machine washable wrap.
  • Material: Cotton, anti-slip design, not made with natural rubber latex.
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