Insulated and Weighted Cups are designed to keep beverages warm or cold longer than standard drinking cups. These adapted drinking cups are made of high impact plastic and feature a double wall design to help maintain the temperature of the hot or cold liquid. The single handle is designed to be easy to hold.

The Insulated Weighted Cups have steel weight added internally to the base and are also double walled. The added weight may help people who have hand tremors to stabilize the cup for drinking. Tremors of the hand are commonly associated with persons having Essential Tremor, Parkinson's Disease and other illnesses or injuries that cause tremors. Adaptive lids are available with a spout or anti-splash design. Choose from a variety of cup and mug styles that are easy to hold.

Insulated and Weighted Cups

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Large mug with no-spill lid, single handle and weighted base to help steady shaking hands
Recessed lid with cover helps prevent spills.
Spout lid directs liquid flow.
Heavy cup with no spill lid helps reduce spills.
Heavy cup with spout lid keeps liquids hot or cold and directs liquid flow.
Package of 3 lids with recessed opening to prevent splashes and spills.
Package of 3 lids with spouts to direct liquid flow.
Allows for finger joints to be used to their greatest mechanical advantage.
Insulated drinking mug with contoured shape for fingers
Ergonomically curved internal handle enables the hand to fit through the mug, eliminating the need for grasping.
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