Adaptive Grooming and Hygiene Aids help make personal hygiene easier. Adapted grooming aids include Eye Drop Guides, Easy Grip Tweezers, Hair Dryer Stands. Adapted hygiene aids include oral hygiene aids, nail care aids, that help people with disabilities perform personal hygiene independently.

Adaptive Grooming and Hygiene Aids

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  • Cuffs, Straps and Holders Cuffs, Straps and Holders
    Weighted toothbrush holder, weighted razor holders, electric razor cuff, hair brush holder, ADL cuffs, and universal reach extenders.
  • Oral Hygiene Aids Oral Hygiene Aids
    Dental floss holder, toothettes, tube squeezer, adapted toothbrush, denture brush
  • Nail Care Aids Nail Care Aids
    Long reach toenail cutters, table top nail clippers, large grip nail file, weighted holders, nail brush
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Provides extra leverage.
Prevents involuntary blinking and inaccuracy while using eyedrops
Now you can style your hair with both hands while drying it.
Height adjustable flexible neck holds hair dryer at almost any angle.
Allows users to shave anywhere, anytime...without water! No rinsing required!
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