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Welcome the day with confidence, knowing your home is clean and allergen free. The Verilux UVC Sanitizing tools sanitize all your household surfaces instantly - eliminating mold, spores, bacteria and dust mites at the flick of a switch.

Verilux is proud to introduce our new Home Health Series of products. Three new products – the Verilux UVC Sanitizing Sweeper, our UVC Sanitizing Wand, and the UVC Sanitizing Travel Wand – all utilizing the exclusive Verilux® Germ-X Lightwave Technology™. Many people are concerned about dust mites, germs, bacteria and viruses lurking on surfaces throughout their homes. But they don't want to use dangerous chemicals to eliminate these hazards. So Verilux research and development perfected a way to clean surfaces with safe, effective light – and leave no chemical residue. It's better for you and your children, better for your home, and better for the Earth!

Home Health Sanitizing

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Helps eliminate viruses, bacteria and germs from your toothbrush.
Uses powerful Germ-X Lightwave Technology? to sanitize bedding, sofas, baby toys, toothbrushes, cooking utensils, counters and bathroom fixtures.
Lets you sanitize your home away from home.
Deodorizes and kills germs, bed bugs, dust mite and flea eggs on mattresses and bedding without damaging fabrics.
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