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Grip Solutions is a line of unique non-slip material products designed to help with a variety of activities of daily living. Whether at home, at work, dining, shopping, at the gym or on the road, GRIP products give users an extra hand to help you stay independent. As a disabled person, you are already working through enough challenges. Would an anti slip material or a non slip material make your activities of daily living a little easier? Think about being able to place a cup of water and a plate of food on your lap in the kitchen and then going the whole way to the living room without spilling a drop. Sound simple enough but when you are also trying to maneuver and operate a wheelchair, it’s challenging. Now there’s a solution. Its GRIP solutions. GRIP non-slip material is perfect for DME distributors looking for disability accessories or wheelchairs accessories or bed accessories for disabled persons, Occupational therapists working through activities of daily living assessment, Disabled persons looking for a non slip material, that isn't sticky, that can help with ADL.

The Wright Stuff is proud to offer unique, non-slip products designed to aid with the activities of daily living by Grip Solutions.
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Gripping aid with attached elastic strap helps make gripping easier.
Non-slip, not sticky pad prevents feet from sliding during transfers.
The better non-slip solution!
Slanted non-slip surface allows users to visualize and reach items easily.
Specially designed to hold coffee mugs on the Grip Solutions Lap Board or Activity Pad.
Rigid, non-slip multi-use pad for carrying items.
$39.95 $35.95
Non-slip universal cuff with hand strap for people who have difficulty gripping.
No-slip, non-sticky surface ensures foot placement on a wheelchair foot plate.
Securely holds a drink on the Grip Solutions Lap Board or Activity Pad.
Multiple use non-slip textured mat prevents items from sliding or slipping.
Lightweight board with durable textured non-slip gripping surface.