Grip-Easy Utensil Holders - Discontinued
Grip-Easy Handle Grip-Easy Handle Grippers can be used with eating utensils, pencils, pens, or toothbrushes.

Grip-Easy Utensil Holders - Discontinued

Package of 3 gripping coils for utensils, pens, razors, tool handles.

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Round About Products
  • Aids in holding and using small items such as eating utensils.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Long lasting plastic coils resist bacteria.
  • Fits eating utensil handles, tools, toothbrushes, razors, pens, pencils.
The Grip-Easy Utensil Holders include three unique plastic coils that can be easily attached and removed from eating utensil handles, toothbrushes, razors and other items. These grip enhancers help people with painful hands be able to grip small items.

For people who have difficulty gripping, trying to pick up an item as simple as a pen, fork or even a razor can be frustrating. The Grip-Easy coils wrap around a handle providing a larger, non-slip gripping area. Grip-Easy unique plastic coil covers are easy to use, and can be easily installed or removed in a matter of seconds.

Grip-Easy Utensil Holders are dishwasher-safe and have endured the rigors of repeated dish washing cycles without losing their shape or elasticity. The unique plastics used in the molding process are resistant to most common household chemicals and the closed-pore surface resists bacteria build-up. When hand pain and stiffness affects gripping and handling of small objects like utensils, pens, razors and more, Grip-Easy Utensil Holders provide the solution to increase independence.

Grip-Easy Utensil Holders Specifications:

  • Package of: 3 coils.
  • Colors: Red, white, blue.
  • Material: FDA approved plastic.
  • Care: Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in: U.S.A.
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