Grip Aid, LTD

Grip Aid, LTD manufactures the Gripeeze brand of grip aid products. Gripeeze gloves and devices are unique aids to help rehabilitate a large number of conditions effecting user's grip on objects. Gripeeze Grip Aids range is perfect for rehabilitation and therapy for many conditions. Easy to apply and use, even for the disabled, Gripeeze Gloves help make gripping items easier.

The Wright Stuff is proud to offer gripping aids from Grip Aid, LTD, makers of the Gripeeze brand of products.
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Fingerless mitten for those with limited dexterity
Fingerless right hand mitten with strapping system
Adapted open fingertip right hand sports glove with strapping system.
Open fingertip weight lifting glove with strap for people who have difficulty gripping.
Work and garden glove with unique strap that aids in gripping.
$35.95 $30.95
Heavy duty work and garden glove and unique strap helps a weak left hand to grip.
Grip and wrist support helps relieve pressure and pain when gripping objects.