Greenmont Healthcare Products, LLC

Greenmont Healthcare Products, LLC was founded by Matt Quinn, a registered pharmacist and pharmacy owner for many years. Over the years, he converted his pharmacy to provide durable medical equipment and ostomy supplies.

Since being introduced to the idea of a wheelchair handlebar, Mr. Quinn began developing and refining the Easy Pushbar to make pushing wheelchairs easier. His motivation was to give people and caregivers who maneuver wheelchairs an easier way to push by using one hand with greater comfort and control. Based upon his professional and retail background, Mr. Quinn is developing several healthcare products which are intended to improve the user experience in similar pragmatic ways.

The Wright Stuff is proud to offer the Easy Pushbar from Greenmont Healthcare Products, LLC.
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Secure handle attaches to the push handles on the back of the wheelchair to make pushing easier.
Easy to attach handle helps make manueving and pushing a manual wheelchair easier.
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