Gel OvationsGel Ovations™ products were created to address the interface between people and durable equipment. Using a proprietary using proprietary hydrophilic and hydrophobic gels in different applications, and offering them in a variety of configurations and attachable surfaces, Gel Ovations™ offers the industry's best solutions to improving COMFORT... REDUCING both PRESSURE and ABRASION.Gel Ovations™ products incorporate a latex-free, solid GEL and have a durable neoprene nylon surface, which is soft, easy to clean, and highly efficient at distributing pressure. They protect bony prominences and reduce abrasions, shear, and harmful pressure-related problems. Additionally they offer the ULTIMATE in COMFORT, making them the "BEST of SHOW" in interface products.

Gel Ovations

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Attach over the existing foam or rubber hand grips on forearm crutches.
Pair of durable, soft gel and foam covers for increased comfort.
Pair of durable, soft gel and foam pads provide increased comfort for crutch users..
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