Gas Bud-E Fuel Clip Car Accessory - Discontinued
Gas Bud-E Fuel Clip Car Accessory - Discontinued

Gas Bud-E Fuel Clip Car Accessory - Discontinued

Gas handle clip for hands free fueling at the pump

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Gas Bud-E
  • Unique design mimics a human grip
  • Patent pending auto-release technology
  • Enables hands free fueling
  • Convenient holder stores unit on inside of gas lid
  • No more breathing gas fumes while having to hold a pump-handle with the catch tab removed
  • Unit holder mounts on inside of vehicles gas lid

The Gas Bud-E Fuel Clip Car Accessory is a durable, easy to use car fueling clip that provides the user with a cleaner, painless, hands free fueling experience.

The Gas Bud-E is the only fuel clip with Auto Release Technology. The Gas Bud-E Auto Release Technology works in conjunction with the pump's vapor sensor recovery system to release the clip off of the fueling lever when auto-shutoff occurs, but still remain on the handle for easy removal. The hands free fueling clip allows users to step back from the tank to reduce the inhalation of harmful fumes when fueling.

The Gas Bud-E is easy to use. After inserting the nozzle into the gas tank, grip the gas handle and engage the trigger. Hold Gas Bud-E in the horizontal position with opposite hand and push the large opening over the top of the gas handle. Rotate Gas Bud-E so center arm hugs the trigger relieving the pressure from your hand while keeping the trigger engaged. Allow the trigger to rest near the end of the arm without applying force. Release Gas Bud-E and gas handle to enjoy hands free fueling! When fueling is complete, remove Gas Bud-E and return to holder. The holder mounts neatly on the inside of the vehicle gas lid.

Gas Bud-E Fuel Clip Car Accessory Specifications:

  • Color: green and black.
  • Measures: 2 inches wide, 3.625 inches high, 0.5 inch thick.
  • Weight: 1.44 oz.
  • Material: Static resistant plastic.
  • Includes: Fuel clip and holder.
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