Gait Belts, Transfer Belts and Slings can be used to help patients and residents requiring transfer or ambulation assistance. Gait and transfer belts help make it easier and safer to assist people with limited strength and mobility. Use transfer gait belts for those who need help walking, staying steady or require a transfer from one location to the other.

Gait & Transfer Belts Slings

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Quick release buckle safety belt with 6 inch high back support is ideal for transferring larger patients.
Extra wide gait and transfer belt increases user comfort.
Small and easy to use transfer aid for many applications.
$42.95 $39.95
Transfer belt with multiple handles, and Quick Release Buckle that is easy to open and close.
Provides more support and a secure hold cfor increased safety during transfers.
$59.95 $54.95
Easy to clean transfer belt for multiple users.
$21.95 $19.95
Department labeled, easy to clean transfer belts
$26.95 $20.95
Full body safety harness provides better walking support and helps prevent falls.
Allows the wearer freedom to walk unrestricted, and feel supported at the same time.
Vertical support handle on the back provides better mobility support for preventing falls.
Cleanable gait belt made of coated webbing that is very flexible, easy to clean and store.
Unlike other cleanable belts, this new soft gait and transfer belt prevents chaffing and bruising issues caused by typical hard, stiff belts.
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