Freedom Dinnerware

Dinnerware dishes that will not move!

A practical and revolutionary tableware solution for people with disabilities who have difficulty eating due to the movement of the dinnerware.

Freedom Dinnerware non skid dishes were designed for people with hand tremors, paralysis, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, uncontrolled movement, visual impairments and disabilities that restrict hand movement necessary for eating independently. Extended rims, built in dividers, special scoop angles and the patented no slip suction pad base provide the solution to the problem.

Freedom Dinnerware is ideal for young children, helping them to eat and drink independently and at the same time reducing accidental spills.

The products are suitable for Nurseries, Playgroups, Kindergarten and for use in the Home.

In addition they reduce labor cost and time by helping to eliminate spills, laundry cleaning and damage to equipment, bedding and flooring.

Each one of the Freedom Dinnerware non skid dishes come with a Freedom no slip Suction Pad. Simply turn the Freedom Dinnerware non skid dishes over and attach the no slip Freedom Pad to the bottom of the Freedom Dinnerware dishes ,like putting a lid on a jar and turn it by hand until it is securely tight. Freedom Dinnerware Dishes are ready for use.

The Freedom no slip Suction Pad is a patented vacuum system. When you place the Freedom Dinnerware non skid dishes with pad attached, on a flat surface and push down with slight pressure , it creates a suction system that holds the Freedom Dish in place and will not move if you bump it or hit it. Perfect for flat table tops, boats, RVs, wheelchair trays and over-bed tables. No more suction cup feet that slide and loose their grip.

Freedom Dinnerware Scoop Plate, Snack Bowl and Divided Plate are constructed of nearly unbreakable polypropylene, are BPA free, and dishwasher safe.

Freedom Dinnerware

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Patented non-slip suction pad. It won't move!
Non-slip, no spill bowl makes eating ice-cream easier!
Large scoop plate with suction pad base. It Won't Move!
Large bowl will not slip or move!
Non-slip, no spill bowl ideal for soups
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