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Free Hand Paper Holder
Free Hand Paper Holder is an attachment for the Hands Free Desk Clamp that provides greater versatility for desk tasks.

Free Hand Paper Holder

Holds paper in position for reading or cutting without having to use two hands.

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  • Developed as an add-on product to the Desk Clamp
  • Holds paper at angle ideal for the user
  • Ideal solution to the problem of scissor activities requiring two hands
The Free Hand Paper Holder attaches to the Free Hand Desk Clamp to provide greater versatility for desk tasks. The cone-shaped paper holder securely holds documents in the ideal position for reading or cutting.

The Free Hand Paper Holder is easy to use. Simply insert the page in between the two parts, position the page at the best angle for the task, then tighten using the screw turn knob. The Paper Holder secures the paper for the user to be able to use both hands while reading. When attached to the Desk Clamp, the paper is held securely for cutting activities using both hands. The light-weight, easily portable Free Hand Paper Holder is perfectly balanced and impossible to knock over. Users who have difficulty holding paper securely will find the Free Hand Paper Holder helpful.

Free Hand Paper Holder Specifications:

  • Use with: Hands Free Desk Clamp.
  • Recommended for: Weak grip, poor hand control, One handed.
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