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Fit Grips Comfort Wheelchair Hand Rim Grips - Discontinued
Fit Grips Comfort Wheelchair Hand Rim Grips provide increased comfort for starting stopping and turning with more power, less effort.

Fit Grips Comfort Wheelchair Hand Rim Grips - Discontinued

Soft, cushion hand grips for increased comfort.

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  • Soft cushion grips for indoor use.
  • Patented shape minimizes stress on hands, wrists and forearms.
  • Helps make pushing easier, requires less hand strength.

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The Fit Grips Comfort Wheelchair Hand Rim Grips are soft, foam ergonomic hand rim grips that provide increased comfort. These colorful hand rim grips provide wheelchair users additional cushioning and hand protection when using a wheelchair indoors.

Fit Grips Comfort are ergonomically designed and increase the circumference of the hand rim, providing a larger, easier to grip surface. The patent pending shape reduces stress on the user's hands, wrists and forearms. The improved gripping power allows the user to start, stop and turn with more power and less effort. These colored hand rim grips cushion each push with a soft, smooth surface.

Fit Grips Comfort stretch to securely fit on any standard 24, 25 and 26 inch manual wheelchair hand rim. Each grip wraps 3/4 of the way around the push rim to provide extra grip on the pushing surface, while leaving the underside of the rim exposed. The grips are simple to install without tape or glue, can be taken on and off the hand rims as often as needed, and do not leave a residue when removed.

PDF Fit Grips Wheelchair Hand Rim Grips Instructions

Fit Grips Comfort Wheelchair Hand Rim Grips Specifications:

  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red.
  • Includes: One pair of grips.
  • Fit: Standard 24, 25 and 26 wheelchair hand rim.
  • Material: Latex Free, dishwasher safe, soft flexible, high-quality rubber.
  • Made in: USA.
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