Eurodib Saint Romain is a french company, with their head office located in Saint-Etienne. They have been manufacturing products for institutions, professionals and also ergonomic utensils for 70 years. Innovation and design are their priorities and their team is working everyday to create new products to satisfy our customers. Each innovation is thought to meet the very specific needs of our clients to make their everyday life easier.

The Wright Stuff is proud to offer innovative adapted dining utensils, plates, cups, and other dining aids from Eurodib Saint Romain.
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Unique soft, spout lid with compartment for storing pills.
Accessory for the Eurodib Easy Grip Glass, Eurodib Nosey Glass
Small drinking glass for hot and cold liquids that is easy to hold.
Non-slip holder for holding a small glass on table.
Unique angles and deep cornered sides help users scoop food
Divisions provide easier scooping surfaces
$18.95 $12.95
Lightweight, contoured handles are easy to grip.
Downward slope, raised edges, unique angles helpful for scooping food
Durable, rigid cup with special cut out for the nose
Gift box carrying case keeps all nine pieces of brightly colored, durabled adapted dining aids secure for travel
$74.95 $59.95