MindStart Easy Word Search Puzzle Set
MindStart Easy Word Search Puzzle Set

MindStart Easy Word Search Puzzle Set

Modified for seniors with low vision or memory loss.

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  • Less complex, familiar theme word searches designed for people with varying levels.
  • Large print letters helpful for people with low vision.
The MindStart Easy Word Search Puzzle Set has large print and modifications for people with memory loss or low vision. These adapted word puzzles have different levels of word searches for providing cognitive stimulation exercises for people of varying levels.

Adults recovering from stroke or head injury, people with Alzheimer's disease or other dementia can be successful with the Easy Word Search Puzzle Set. Word search activities provide stimulation to the language parts of the brain, as well as the visual system, attention, memory, and planning centers. These word searches are less complex, focus on familiar themes, and do not include confusing backwards or diagonal words. The puzzles are printed on sturdy paper and are allowed to be photocopied.

Each Easy Word Search Puzzle Set includes 40 puzzles, with four levels of difficulty:
    4 word searches of ten hidden words in a large search grid (high activity level).
    22 word searches of six hidden words in a medium search grid (high activity level).
    10 word searches of four hidden words with bold words in a small search grid (high/middle activity level).
    4 easy word match puzzles, featuring one word to match from a choice of three (middle activity level).

MindStart Easy Word Search Puzzle Set Specifications:

  • Includes: 40 easy word search puzzles, with four levels of difficulty.
  • Made in: U.S.A.
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