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Apex Enablers Dexterity Kit - Discontinued
Apex Enablers Dexterity Kit

Apex Enablers Dexterity Kit - Discontinued

Includes a variety of items helpful for everyday tasks.

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  • Tools to improve hand function
  • Reviewed by Certified Hand Therapist
  • Helpful for daily living tasks
The Apex Enablers Dexterity Kit includes a variety of items that are helpful for daily living tasks and make life easier. These tools are designed for people with decreased hand function or dexterity who have difficulty performing activities of daily living.

The Enablers Dexterity Kit includes five items that improve functional performance of common tasks. Packaged together, these items meet some of the most common daily household challenges faced by people with poor hand function. Made of lightweight plastic, these items can help make simple tasks around the house a little easier. The curved design of the EZ-Key Turner begins the turning effort, so completion of the turn is accomplished with minimum additional stress. The Button Hook / Zipper Pull puller eliminates the stress and frustration of buttoning a button by pulling the button into position. The Pen and Pencil Cushion is designed in both shape and density to alleviate stress while providing a secure grip. The Spoon and Fork holders fit onto spoons and forks providing a larger gripping surface. The Lamp Switch Enlarger fits over the existing twist style switch to provide a larger gripping area for an easy, stress free grasp.

Apex Enablers Dexterity Kit Specifications:

  • Includes: 3 EZ Key Turners (AEN15), 3 Pen and Pencil Cushions (AEN21), 2 Lamp Switch Turners (AEN23), 2 Spoon and Fork Holders (AAM137), 1 Button Hook/Zipper Pull.
  • Materials: Lightweight plastic.
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