Dexterity Technologies Corporation

Founded in 1998, Dexterity Technologies - EzGrip has been an integral part of healthcare and consumer fields. Dextek has worked with a wide range of consumers and medical persons concerned with writing and working with small tools in repetitive tasks - lab persons working with scalpels, microelectronics and small parts manufacturers carefully assembling and detailing miniature products. Their objective has always been to produce products that actually work the way the individual does the flexibility to use the way they prefer. EzGrip was originally designed for persons with spinal cord & other severe injuries. The patented product helps people hold their own utensils - eat independently, write or work with their artist brushes. They could not do these things on their own before EzGrip without a strap-on grip product.

The Wright Stuff is proud to offer ergonomic writing tools from Dexterity Technologies.
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Allows the use of one fingertip for writing instead of three fingers.
Allows writing to be comfortable and effortless.
High quality, comfortable grip writing pen.