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Verilux full spectrum desk lamps set the standard for natural, "daylight" lighting. The entire line of Verilux desk lamps use full spectrum light to enhance the clarity and contrast of reading materials, projects, craft and task work. Full spectrum light improves vision while reducing eyestrain and fatigue. In addition, our patented flicker-free ballast and Optix™ glare control filter are unique in the industry, delivering daylight intensity, full spectrum light, without glare.

The best light for reading, tasks, artwork, crafting or other detail work is bright, natural, and glare free. Full spectrum light achieves this by delivering the "full" or "natural" light spectrum to your eye. Typical incandescent bulbs produce light only from the "warmer" red, yellow and orange parts of the visual spectrum, while completely missing the "cooler" colors of the blue portion of the spectrum. Unfortunately for society at large, this has resulted in a general acceptance of poor, yellowish light as the "norm" in homes and workplaces alike.

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The form of this lamp is timeless and looks more like a fine scientific instrument than like a desk lamp.
An elegant design modeled after early 20th Century Banker?s Lamps
There’s only one Verilux® Original Full Spectrum Desk Lamp!
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