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Posey Dark Legsleeves
Posey Dark Legsleeves

Posey Dark Legsleeves

Pair of soft leg coverings designed to provide comfortable skin protection

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Posey Company
  • Soft cotton and Lycra provide a comfortable fit
  • Helps protect thin, fragile skin tissue
  • Blends with the wearer's own skin tone
The Posey Dark Legsleeves are a pair of soft leg coverings helpful for users with fragile or sensitive skin that may bruise or tear easily. Made of soft cotton and Lycra, these protective sleeves provide comfortable skin protection.

The Posey Dark Legsleeves discreetly blend with the wearer's skin. Covering the leg while leaving the toes free, the sleeves easily adjust for the amount of necessary skin protection. The leg sleeves are sold in pairs, and can be repeatedly washed and dried. To launder, machine wash and dry low temperature, or for best results, hang dry. The Posey Dark Legsleeves pair of soft leg coverings provide a latex-free barrier that helps protect fragile skin.

Non returnable if packaging is opened.

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Dark Legsleeves Specifications:

  • Length: 13.5 inches.
  • Includes: One pair per package.
  • Material: 95% soft cotton, 5% Lycra yarn. Latex free.
  • Care: Wash and dry. To launder, machine wash and dry low temperature. For best results, hang dry.
  • Color: Dark skin tone. (Light Skin Tone, Padded Light Skin Tone also available.)
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