Cup and Glass Holders help eliminate spills. Adapted drink holders for people who have difficulty holding standard glasses, cups, mugs. These holders include grip handles, suction base holders, and holders that attach to wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, and bed rails. These adapted holders will accommodate different styles and sizes of cups, mugs, glasses, and canned drinks. Cup and Glass Holders allow people to be able to hold beverages for greater independence and prevent spills.

Cup and Glass Holders

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An extra handle for your favorite mug or cup.
Soft silicone straps fit a variety of cups, bottles, glasses.
Accessory for the Eurodib Easy Grip Glass, Eurodib Nosey Glass
Standard size drinkholder adjusts to hold 6 oz. to 16 oz. glasses, mugs, cans or bottles.
Large Cupholder adjusts to hold 16 to 46 ounce glasses, mugs, cans or bottles.
Adapted holder for cups, bottles, beverages
Non-slip holder for holding a small glass on table.
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